Kise counted down until he heard the knock at the door. After all, Aomine had said ten minutes and, true to his word, it was almost exactly ten minutes later that the door shook with the force of his knock. With a chuckle and a tug on the rope around his waist to intentionally loosen the robe, he sauntered to the door.

He could hear Aomine’s heavy breathing even through the thick door. The lock clicked as he turned the handle and slowly opened the door to let Aomine in. He wasted no time in slamming the door behind him, not even cringing at the knowledge that the sound would echo down the hallway. Nothing could stop him now, not with Aomine standing before him as a sexy, disheveled mess. He pulled Aomine forward to ravage his lips in a deep, fiery kiss before he pulled away to whisper, “And here I said we were gonna sleep in the bed.” 

He’d barely managed to gulp down a few substantial breaths of air before Kise yanked the door open. Only Aomine’s quick reflexes saved him from falling flat on his face as Kise tugged him inside, their mouths and tongues hungry for each other’s until Aomine didn’t know where he ended and Kise began. He hadn’t gotten the chance to refuel after his impromptu sprint to the hotel and Kise’s dizzying kisses left him staggering toward the bed, his coordination compromised. 

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